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Reliance Web Solutions is a team of seasoned Project Managers, Software Engineers & Designers, Business Analysts and Quality Assurance Engineers.


To be the benchmark IT & Web solutions provider for public and private sector in Sri Lanka.


To gain trust from our customers by providing efficient, effective and customized IT solutions.

Core Values

Read - Respectable - Reliable - Respinsible Rapport

Who We Are

Our company was launched in 1997 when we released the featured distribution and re-distribution software exclusively for pharmaceutical industry. The success of this software inspired us to broaden our scope and create advanced software to meet the high-level requirements of pharmaceutical domain and other businesses as well.

In 2017, we came together under the name of Reliance IT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd to deliver one of the best pharmaceuticals solutions on the market. Armed with an extensive knowledge of the distribution, redistribution, financial and payroll sectors, we developed a series of applications for various sectors, ranging from general trading businesses to the booming Sri Lankan industry. A few years later, we teamed up with more experienced, energetic people to create a disruptive solution for growing software market.

More recently we have brought our industry-leading software to the cloud, offering a truly groundbreaking distribution and re-distribution solution which is supported by highly innovative android tab solution and Microsoft Power BI analytics for companies of all sizes including pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals.

In 2019, we came together under the name of Reliance Web Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. This name change will allow us to present ourselves as the most innovative, truly and trusted solutions company to the web industries worldwide.

What We Do

We offer innovative software solutions for pharmaceuticals and commercial industry in Sri Lanka.

Our Services

We deliver our best in what we do

User Experience and Interface Design

App interfaces need a solid foundation. Well-executed UX exposes and helps us diagnose design challenges before they become problems. Our designers then develop great user interface designs that go deeper than pretty pixels. They create interfaces that are delightful with beautiful visuals and seamless, intuitive interactions.

Product Strategy

All great ideas need to be nurtured. Early collaboration, feature planning, and research help transform napkin sketches into powerful ideas. We’ll help you develop a complete roadmap for your product. That means identifying the unique problem you’re aiming to solve, understanding the best methods and solutions for solving them, defining and prioritizing key features, and creating a successful product strategy.


We love bringing our concepts to life using a variety of languages and platforms. We understand that code is a living entity that needs to scale and adapt as your business grows and new information comes to light. We’ll help you pick the stack that fits the nature of your project and long-term goals, delivering a final product that prioritizes maintainability.

Strategy & Consulting

Our strategy team works closely with clients in the initial discovery workshops to understand your target customer and to create a unique and innovative web user experience that converts visitors into leads.

Responsive Websites

Our developers create interactive web experiences using the latest technologies, ensuring they display on mobile, desktop and tablets.

Creative Web Design

Effective web design and art are not one and the same. We design for the user while having a business objective in mind. We employ best practice web design principles to build websites that are aesthetically pleasing and deliver financially rewarding results.

User Experience Specialists

Our UX specialists help our clients create unique product experiences that better connect with customers. The UX team is involved in nearly every stage of the app development process from initial concept to final output.


Our developers turn designs and ideas into actual, usable products. Our team of technologists and developers have a wide range of skills, including creation of native mobile applications on iOS and Android, and R&D of new technology.

UI Designs That Conform to All Native Platforms

Our UI designers are well-versed across both Android an iOS. With their wide range of experience, they will create an application with the appropriate UI design to appeal to your customers and create a pleasant novel experience across all mobile platforms.

Project Management

Our client relations team helps clients ensure we deliver projects on time with the highest level of customer service. Our project managers are the liaisons between your stakeholders and our team, bringing products and experiences to life for your brand and customers.

Businees Intelligence & Datawarehousing

Business Intelligence (BI) is business insight — the practices and tools that enable a business to gather and analyse its data to provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. A Data Warehouse (DW) gathered from the organization’s diverse source systems and specifically structured for query and analysis often forms the basis of a BI platform

Our Technologies

We use emerging technologies in the industry to provide efficient software solutions for our clients

Our Products

Providing solutions for public and private sector for more than 20 years


Web Development
Project Title

BIS - Portal

Web Design
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BIS - Desktop

Business Info System
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Medical Prod Analysis System
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Distribution Managemet System
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Redistribution Management System
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Ridee-Rekha - Web

Ridee-Rekha - Web
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Our Clients

We have earned industry leading clients through our excellent service


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